Kormo Platform Policies

Welcome to the Kormo Platform Policies Center. Our Kormo Platform Policies help ensure that Employers and Seekers of Kormo continue to enjoy a positive experience. Google reserves the right to amend our policies at any time, so please check back here for any updates. We will also exercise our sole discretion in the interpretation and enforcement of these policies, in conjunction with the Kormo Terms of Service. Capitalized terms used herein are also defined in the Kormo Terms of Service.

Our policies cover the conduct of Employers and Seekers on the platform; as well as content, including jobs, that are prohibited on the Kormo platform.

General Policies for Employers and Seekers

We want all our partners and users of Kormo to have a positive, useful and safe experience. This is why we do not allow Employers and Seekers to misuse Kormo or violate our policies. Examples of misusing Kormo and violating our policies include:

Content and Jobs Policies

Content, including jobs, on Kormo must not contain or facilitate, or must not direct to promote, collect, disclose, distribute or undertake, the following types of material and behaviour:

Primarily child directed (PCD)

Material or behaviour that are primarily directed to children under the age of consent in their relevant jurisdiction are prohibited in the Kormo platform.

Information from children

Material or behaviour collecting or disclosing information from children under the age of consent in their relevant jurisdiction are prohibited in the Kormo platform.

Child exploitation

Material or behaviour that exploits or abuses children, including all child sexual abuse material (even cartoon images), and all material or behaviour that presents children in a sexual manner, as well as material or behaviour that may appeal to children but contain adult themes.

Adult or mature

Pornography, sexual or mature material or behaviour, whether involving consensual subjects or otherwise.
Examples: nudity, sexually suggestive or gratifying material or behaviour, fetishes and sexual performance aids including used underwear, mail order brides, escort services, dating services, romantic or sexual liaisons, erotic massage services, prostitution; or any tips, advice or discussion about improving sexual performance, sexually transmitted diseases, or about sexual health related to pregnancy, abortion, childbirth or family planning.

Dangerous or derogatory

Material or behaviour, whether online or offline, including that which:


Material produced by or in support of terrorist groups, or material or behaviour that promotes or celebrates terrorist activities, including recruitment or fundraising.


Material or behaviour that intends to or may shock others, including:


Material or behaviour that comprises, promotes, recommends, sells, advocates for or instructs on weapons, weapon accessories and related products or services, including but not limited to explosives, fireworks, ammunition, pistols, rifles, BB guns, sporting guns, air guns, blow guns, stun guns; and any parts of such devices or equipment.

Recreational drugs and drug-related

Material or behaviour comprising, advocating for, instructing on, promoting, recommending or selling recreational drugs and drug-related material, including substances that alter mental states for the purpose of recreation; and related products or services such as pipes or bongs.

Viruses, malware or other malicious or deceptive code

Material or behaviour comprising or comprising the transmission of viruses, malware, or any other malicious or deceptive code, including material or behaviour that harms or interferes with the operation of networks, servers, or other infrastructure; or which facilitate or perform the act of phishing.

Material that enables dishonesty

Material or behaviour that helps mislead others or is dishonest in nature.

Spam or irrelevant content

Material or behaviour comprising, promoting or distributing spam, including gibberish, nonsensical material, or unwanted or unsolicited promotional or commercial material. This includes material or behaviour that are irrelevant to Seekers, e.g., material that is not related to jobs.

Incomplete content

Jobs where the positions’ details, which are relevant to Seekers, are missing or incorrectly filled in. This may include the job title, job location, interview details, job description, job slots, salary, etc.

Misrepresentation or misleading claims

Material or behaviour that misrepresents, misstates, or conceals information, including about the material’s creator, or the material’s intended purpose; or material that is misleading (e.g., making false or misleading statements about the business or qualifications, falsely affiliate with other individuals, organizations, products and services, or false claims which position improbable results as likely outcomes even if they are technically possible, e.g.,, “get rich quick schemes” or “miracle pills”).

Fees for job search

Jobs that require recruiting others or that resemble franchises, pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing, club memberships, distributorships, etc.; or jobs requiring payment, or the bearing of costs, contingent upon which a Seeker may be awarded such jobs. This does not include legitimate scenarios whereby an employee may be required to provide a token sum for items necessary to perform the job (e.g., purchase a uniform with a small token amount).

Personally Identifiable Information

Material or behaviour comprising, promoting, or distributing the unauthorized publication or collection of people's private or personal information, confidential information, any data that may need individual consent and is not obtained following the due process of applicable law, other information including credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, drivers and other license numbers, or any other information that is not publicly accessible. This includes the unauthorized sharing of such information, such as Seekers’ personal information, with any other parties.


Material or behaviour that comprise, facilitate or promote illegal activity, or infringe on the legal rights of others, based on applicable laws and regulations, including applicable employment or hiring laws. Examples include jobs that engage in recruitment or hiring practices that violate the law in your state or country, or the state or country where the job is to be performed; the sale, distribution, promotion, recommendation or advocacy of products derived from endangered or threatened species; or material or behavior comprising or promoting any copyright-infringing or counterfeit products or services.


Jobs or positions comprising, promoting or facilitating discrimination on the basis of personal identity or belief characteristics such as age, gender identity and expression, caste, nationality, race, ethnicity, immigration status, religion, sex/gender, sexual orientation, language etc., unless where legitimately or practically required (such as to comply with legal employment visa or work pass conditions, or an intimate apparel store requiring employees of a certain gender in order to serve customers of the same gender).

Violating or bypassing Google policies

Material or behaviour comprising, promoting or facilitating the violation or circumvention of Google policies, including in relation to Kormo. Such behaviour may include the use of multiple Google accounts to evade Google’s policies, or circumvent any restrictions placed on any account.

Policy Violations

When we encounter a potential policy violation, we may review the material or conduct and, in our sole discretion, take action accordingly. Depending on how egregious a violation is, we may respond in several ways, including removing the violating content or jobs from Kormo, or prohibiting a violating Employer or Seeker from using Kormo, temporarily or permanently. In the case of several violations or an egregious violation, we may prohibit an Employer or Seeker from participating in Kormo, or disable the user’s Kormo Account. We take into account local legal considerations in our review process, and in some cases, we require a court order. As required by law, we may also report any illegal activity.

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