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Kormo Jobs is a jobs and careers app that connects job seekers to businesses that are looking to hire and allows job seekers to create and maintain a digital CV, all in one app.

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Kormo Jobs is currently available in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and India.

For job seekers, joining the Kormo Jobs community gives you access to relevant job openings and interview opportunities, as well as learning content to help you prepare and grow your career. You can download the Kormo Jobs app on the Play store to get started today! If you're in India, you can download the Google Pay app and search for the "Jobs Spot" to find us there as well.

For employers, we work with all kinds of businesses looking to hire talent, whether you are a large corporation or a small enterprise. If you're looking to hire people that suit your work needs, you can express interest in partnering with us here or see more details on the For Businesses section.

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Download the Kormo Jobs App for free!

Download the Kormo Jobs App for free!

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