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Kormo Jobs specializes in entry-level jobs


Delivery, Driver, Picker, Packer, Loader

Retail & Marketing

Store Associate, Brand Promoter, Sales Associate, Field Researcher

Hotels & Hospitality

Chef, Barista, Waiter, Housekeeping

IT & Admin

Call Center Representative, Administrative Assistant, IT Staff

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A profile image of a man named Anand with the Dunzo logo next to him.


Delivery driver

Bengaluru, India

Anand found a better-paying delivery job closer to home, all in less than a week with Kormo Jobs.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Abida found work on Kormo Jobs at a popular local restaurant — giving her stability to continue her education.

A profile image of a man named Yansen with the Hanesa logo next to her.


Sales Associate

Surabaya, Indonesia

After a pandemic layoff, Yansen needed a new job to provide for his family; with Kormo he easily applied and accepted a retail sales position in his hometown.

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India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh

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